Optimal Living services allow clients and families to navigate the complex world of geriatrics, make educated decisions, maximize their independence and optimize their quality of life. We assist the client in achieving their goals, ease the worries of the family, and allow the caregiver to assume the role of a family member once again.

Let us help you:

  • Conduct an assessment of current functional status, living situation, cognitive and psychological functioning.
  • Develop a care plan to identify deficits and make recommendations to provide solutions to maximize independence and optimize quality of life.
  • Create a care plan that brings joy back in life (going to the theater, opera, tea party, taking art lessons, etc.).
  • Act as a liaison to families to oversee and plan care
  • Attend doctor’s appointments and care plan conferences and facilitate communication between doctors, allied health professionals, client and family members.
  • Determine if types of services are needed such as therapy, companion care, home health and hospice as well as determine the need for therapeutic equipment.
  • Help families and clients evaluate and select relevant living options, (i.e. home with help, assisted living/nursing home).
  • Assist with moving a loved one (from home to retirement center, from assisted-living to nursing home, from one state to another, etc.).
  • Provide appropriate referrals for financial, legal and medical matters such as Powers of Attorney, elder law attorneys and estate planners.
  • Offer crisis intervention when needed, helping clients navigate emergency rooms, rehab stays, and hospitalizations ensuring satisfactory care is available to the client.
  • Promote advocacy and support for clients so they can achieve their short and long term goals.